Hi Everyone, this is the first call of a 90 day, every two week training on generating downloads and income from your app.  This call focuses on Content and using your directory or directories to feature content to build your reach, impact people's lives and generate income.  There are three types of content we talk about: 

1) Your own content you create around your message 

2) Content from JV partners 

3) PLR Content

Robert talks about his three apps and how each has a different type of content delivery: 

1) Live Your List is a combination of Robert's content and PLR 

2) Xpert Insights is primarily JV partner content with some PLR 

3) The PDA is primarily PLR with some JV partners 

For access to the Resources and Documents Google Drive Folder: https://drive.google.com/drive/folder... 

To sign and get the website template: https://appbros.thrivecart.com/websit... 

To set up our Carrd.co account for your website ($47 for 1 year): https://try.carrd.co/appbros 

To register for the Summit Training with Justine Chomski: http://launchyoursummitnow.com