Understanding the App Structure

In this article we will be covering the main structures and methods for organizing and presenting your content to your app users. This will help you determine the best way to upload content into your app so that you are both getting the most out of the app and presenting your users with the best experience for your unique content, products and services

Once you understand the structure you will be able to know its limitations and possibilities. The best way to think about the structure is as a virtual filing cabinet system. So we created this helpful graphic for seeing how the app is structured. Refer back to it throughout this article to make sense of things


Part 1: What Are Topics & The Resources Directory

If you do not know where these Topics/Listings show up, what they are and what they are capable of, then it will be challenging to use them in the app. So lets take a quick second to go over them. There are two main structure networks in the app and multiple ways to access each one. First up is topics. 


The most visible and easily accessible structure in the app. By default, most app owners will have a [Topics] button on the main home screen area. Topics are essentially the relevant name to which you will be organizing your content under. They basically work like a folder in a cabinet filling system 


This is the main way that most app users will quickly find and access the topics in your app. The second way is through the dropdown menu ☰

Whichever method is used to gain access to the topics, they live in only one area in the app. Once the app user is in that area, they will have access to ALL the topics that are visible by the default state ('no tag' selected), topics visible once they become a member (FREE tag selected) and any additional topics (custom tag names) that they have unlocked using the 'Track Now' button. All the topics that exist in your app, live in this area

I have added 2 topics to this area for visual aid. However, there is no limit to how many topics you can add; the list will just keep populating. To go back to our filing cabinet analogy, the topics I added are folders which live in the 'Topics' filing cabinet. It has the same structure as a 'Directory,' only it can't be accessed by going to directories and we call it topics instead.

You will also notice in the Topics area, the word 'Resources.' If the app user taps on the word RESOURCES (see red arrow), then they will be taken to the Resource Directory.  

NOTE: If you do not add any Topics to your app, then when app users go to Topics area they will see the message: There are no Topics setup yet...

Resources Directory:

The Resources Directory is the default directory added to every app. It can be found by going to the Directories area in the app (see below) or by tabbing over to it from the Topics area (see above image). It is the ONLY directory that can accessed from the Topics area 

Refer to the filing cabinet graphic at the top and you will see how the Resources Directory filing cabinet is the only directory that is connected both to Topics and to Directories. It lives in both areas 

NOTE: While you do not need to add anything in the Resource Directory and can even hide it in your app, or delete it if you truly wish, you cannot get ride of the name of it in the Topics area, or the option to tab over to it. If you hide or delete the Resources Directory then app users will still see the option for it in the Topics area, but tabbing over to it will reveal this message: There are no Topic Directories setup yet...

For this reason, we recommend that you take advantage of the Resources Directory by adding Directory Listings and content into it. 

*Restore to Default

If you modify the name of the Resources Directory or end up deleting it altogether, then you will lose its connection to the topics area. To restore the Resource Directory to its default, you need only to name or create one of your Directories as 'Resources.' See the image below and copy the Directory Name exactly in order to restore your Default Directory. 

NOTE: You can modify Sub-Line, Sort Order and everything but the Directory Name without losing its connection to the topics area.

Part 2: What Are Directories

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Part 3: Sub-Topics

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