In an effort to make it easier for our app owners to find information about exactly what they are looking for, we have created this short visual guide. With it, you can easily choose any area in the Content Portal that you are curious about and then find exactly where to go in the Knowledge Base to learn more.

Here is an overview of all areas of the Content Portal. Below that we will cover each tab one by one for navigation.

App Name Info & Account Info

(1.) The name of your app will appear in the upper left of the Content Portal, followed by your LITE unlock code (if turned on), followed by the message 'HOME/WHAT'S NEW.' 

(2.) In the upper right, you will find your name and a dropdown for your account info and options. Additional Info Coming Soon!  



Houses content that appears in a few different areas in the app as well as technology that makes using the Content Portal easier.

(1.) Welcome Screen - The welcome screen is the area that appears first when an app user opens your app. Additional Info Coming Soon!  

(2.) Profiles - This area is how you create profiles for people/businesses in the Content Portal. It is also how you create the content for the 'About Us' section in the dropdown menu. Additional Info Coming Soon! 

(3.) About Member Screens - Additional Info Coming Soon!

(4.) Import/Export - This is a technology that will allow you to quickly and easily import/export bulk content to the Content Portal. Additional Info Coming Soon!


The messages area is about communicating with your app users directly by using different technologies that will interact with them in and through the app.

(1.) Push Notifications - Additional Info Coming Soon!  

(2.) Messages/Updates - Additional Info Coming Soon! 

(3.) Special Offer Messages - Additional Info Coming Soon!


This area will allow you to design member designated content and see who has become a member in your app. 

(1.) Member List - Everyone who creates a member login for your app will appear here. You can see their email, name and what content they have unlocked in your app. Additional Info Coming Soon!  

(2.) Tags - The gatekeepers of your content. In this area you can create/delete/modify Tags to be used with your app content. This is also where you find their unlock codes. Additional Info Coming Soon!


This area is all about content creation for you app. It gives you the options to create a variety of different content types as well as creating the overall structure for your app.

(1.) Directories - Directories are one of the main ways that you can organize content in your app. To learn more about the organizational structure of Directories, click HERE. To learn more about how to create Directories, coming soon! 

(2.) Topics/Listings - Topics are usually the main area that your app users can easily find and navigate. Listings are like topics in almost everyway, except that they also exist under a Directory. To learn more about the organizational structure of Directories, click HERE. To learn more about how to create Topics/Listings, coming soon!  

(3.) Video - Content input for Videos. To learn more click HERE 

(4.) Articles - Content input for Articles. To learn more click HERE 

(5.) Lessons - Are a marvelous way to combine multiple media types into a single area. Lessons can be any length and can even be turned into course content. Additional Info Coming Soon!  

(6.) Journals - Content input for Videos. To learn more click HERE 

(7.) Tips/Posts - Content input for Tips/Posts. Additional Info Coming Soon!

(8.) Audios - Content input for Audios. To learn more click HERE 

(9.) Q&A - Content input for Q&A. To learn more click HERE


(10.) Resources - Content input for Resources. Additional Info Coming Soon!

(11.) Galleries - Content input for Galleries. To learn more click HERE 

(12.) Products - Content input for Products. Additional Info Coming Soon! 


In the dropdown menu of the app is an area specifically for courses. This part of the Content Portal is what gives you access to making changing and adding content to that area. 

(1.) Course Categories - Much like how Listings live under Directories, Courses live under Course Categories. In This area you can create/delete/modify Course Categories in your app. Additional Info Coming Soon! 

(2.) Courses - More then what lessons can do, this section lets you create a sales page for your course and full size courses complete with modules and even a drip system if you likeAdditional Info Coming Soon! 


The Tracka' area is an innovative technology that has been upgraded to work with our app technology. The Tracka' area in the app lets app owners unlock and/or track content. In this area, you can create/delete/modify Tracka' content. 

(1.) Track Now Screen - Additional Info Coming Soon!  

(2.) Tracka' List - Additional Info Coming Soon! 

(3.) Trackings - Additional Info Coming Soon!


The Event area is a way of integrating your upcoming events into the app directly so that app users can stay engaged and informed about future experiences/trainings/services you are offering. 

(1.) Event Calendar - Additional Info Coming Soon!  

(2.) Virtual Events/Webinars - Additional Info Coming Soon! 

(3.) Virtual Summits - Additional Info Coming Soon!