How-to Add Q&A Content

Follow the steps below to learn how to add Q&A content to your app, or watch our detailed video training right here 

Step 1: Access the Q&A List 

While in the Content Portal, go to the Content tab and select> Q&A

This will pull up the 'Q&A List.' The 'Q&A List' will populate as you add more and more Q&A content to it. To add Q&A content, left click on the [Add Q&A] button to get to the 'New Q&A' Form

Step 2: Filling Out The 'New Q&A' Form

  1. Question: Write the question you intend to answer here. NOTE: There is a 100 character limit. TIP: Because there is a 100 character limit, it is not uncommon for questions to be too long. Especially if there are multiple questions or additional elaboration that follows the question. For this reason, we recommend creating an abridged version of the question in this area, if you hit the character limit. Then in the Answer box you can elaborate, add additional questions or the question in its unabridged form before you give your answer. If you do this, we suggest leaving a couple spaces between question and answer or identifying each in the answer box so it is clear to the app user what is happening  
  2. Answer: Your answer to the question(s) goes here. TIP: In addition to answering the question asked, this is also a great space to add an exercise or action step prompt 
  3. Asked By: The name of the person/group that asked the question goes hereNOTE: (1) There is a 30 character limit. (2) This field is not required if you want to leave it blank. Or you can put something else in here if you have a better idea than having an 'Asked By' entry
    TIP: To really give your app a more professional feel we offer you these Tips. (1) If you created the question yourself, don't put -me/-your name. Instead try using -client/-anonymous/-admin (2) If the question was asked by a client or person other than yourself, add some additional information to just their name. Things like -age/-occupation/-relevant title (ex. -single mother). You'll have to be mindful of the 30 character limit, but if you can find a way to do it, then you will make the content that much more meaningful 
  4. Image URL: Insert the image URL or Upload the image directly
  5. Audio URL: Insert the audio URL or Upload the audio directly
    NOTE: The Image and Audio that you directly upload to the Content Portal, cannot be downloaded again later using the UPDATE button. Keep a copy saved outside the Content Portal (see Edit/Update a Video)
  6. Send To: This is a required field and what it's asking for is the email you want app users to send their additional questions to. When viewing the Q&A in the app, there is an email icon in the upper right that lets app users send you their name, email & their question(s) of choice. TIP: While you could type in a bogus email and trick the content portal into accepting the Q&A form, this is a wonderful opportunity. You can use it to create engagement with your app users, learn what their concerns and interests are, and if they haven't signed up as a member yet then you just captured their email. We encourage you to use a legitimate email address and take advantage of this feature
  7. Release Date: The default release date will be whatever the current date is. If you would like the content to release at a later date, you can make that adjustment here. NOTE: A release date must be chosen in order to submit the content
  8. Call to Action Text: Add you CTA text here. NOTE: There is a 50 character limit. Can be left blank
  9. Call to Action URL: Add you CTA URL here. NOTE: Can be left blank
  10. Featured?: By turning this button on (turns blue when on) the Q&A content will be featured on the home screen area of the app. The content is not featured (default state) when turned off. NOTE: You can only feature one Q&A content. If you have toggled this button on for multiple Q&A, the app will continue to feature the first one it was turned on for. If no Q&A is featured, a 'no content message appears when going to the featured Q&A area. For this reason, we recommend you always have featured content. 
  11. Topics: In order for your Q&A content to appear in the app, it must live under a topic or directory listing (except featured content). This is where you select what topic/listing you want your Q&A to appear under. NOTE: (1) To select a topic/listing, you must have already created the topic/listing name in the content portal. (2) If you get to this step and realize you don't have the topic/listing created yet, don't worry. Submit the 'new Q&A' content without it, because you can add the topic later - by editing the content

    How-to select the topic: If you have already created the topic/listing, left click in the Topics Box area. To find the topic/listing you want, you can either:
    1. scroll down until you find it
    2. begin typing its name in the box. NOTE: That you only need to type as much of the name as is required for it to appear in the list. This will vary depending on how many topics you have created and how similarly they are named
  12. Sort Order: Use sort order to organize how your content appears in the app. NOTE: The default sort order is 1. The Q&A content will sort according to the numerical value you give it first, followed by alphabetically if multiple content is given the same number 

    How-to use sort order: If you left mouse click in the sort order box and delete the current number in order to type your own, it will automatically add a zero in front of whatever number you type. For this reason we recommend using one of the following two methods for adding the correct number that you want to type 
    1. use the up/down arrows that appear in the far right of the box when you hover your mouse over the box
    2. highlight the number in the box by either using your mouse or using your keyboard to select-all (PC: Ctrl + A | Mac: Command + A) then type the number you want
  13. Tags: Functions the same way as the Topics box, except you are searching for Tags instead. NOTE: (1) The default tag is to have no tag selected. If you do want a Tag, it must already have been created for you to select it. (2) You are not required to select a tag in order to submit content. (3) You can come back and add/or modify a tag after you have submitted the 'New Q&A' form

Step 3: Edit/Update Q&A Content

The last thing we will be looking at is how you can Edit or Delete Q&A content after you have created it.

Finding the Q&A Content you want to Edit:
When you are on the 'Q&A List' page in the Content Portal, you will see a search box in the upper right hand corner. You can manually scroll through your Q&A list to find the Q&A you want to edit, or you can use the search function. You can also toggle the sort order area (clicking on the up & down arrows) to change the order from ascending to descending and visa-versa.

When using the search box, you need only to began typing the name of the Q&A you are looking for and it will automatically begin eliminating the options until only the name of your Q&A content remains. The search box only applies to the Q&A name.

Deleting Q&A Content:

While in the 'Q&A List' area, you can delete the Q&A content, but only one at a time. You need only click on the trash can icon to the far right of the Q&A content name. Once you click on the trash can, you will be prompted to confirm that you truly want to delete the content. You confirm yes (by clicking the delete button) or no (by clicking the cancel button). Once the content has been deleted, it cannot be recovered again. 

Edit/Update Q&A Content:

Find the Q&A content that you want to make a change to in the 'Q&A List' area. Click on the UPDATE button, on the far right-hand side. Once you select your Q&A content, you will be taken to the 'Edit Q&A' area, with the Q&A content already filled in. From here you can make any changes that you want to in any of the fields on the form. Giving you the same options as when you first created the Q&A content. If you like the changes that you made, click Submit. If you do not, click Cancel and the content will revert back to what it was before you began making the changes.

If you click Submit, there is no way to recover the earlier version(s). So save any content you think you might want later in a separate document outside of the Content Portal. NOTE: The Images and Audio that were directly uploaded to the Content Portal, cannot be downloaded again later using the UPDATE button. That means that if you make a change to the Image or Audio by deleting &/or replacing it, that content will be lost forever if you do not have it saved outside the Content Portal already. If you used a URL, then you can copy the URL out of the Content Portal at a later time, if needed.