Activating & Naming Your App Setup Options

There are a number of ways that you can modify your app setup without having to pay for the custom build option. There are of course limits to how much you can change, and depending on if you are a LITE app owner or a PLUS app owner, those changes will differ. Even so, you have a range of changes that can still be made in order to customize the feel of your app. Lets explore them!

How-to Change My App Setup Options?

This is one of the very few areas where app owners do not have direct access in the Content Portal to make changes to their app. If you would like to Activate or Deactivate menu items and if you would like to rename any of them, you will need to fill out this form. Click HERE.

Finding Your Dropdown ☰ Menu In The App

When on the home screen of your app (default area when opening the app), go to the upper left corner and click on this icon 

Turning On or Off Your Dropdown ☰ Menu Options 

Here is the full list of App Setup Options that can be activated. The difference between PLUS & LITE app owners is that PLUS app owners have access to all the options and LITE app owners are missing a few. 

The second image contains options in the dropdown menu that are always active and cannot be turned off. There are a few more items on the menu that are always active. Only the options with the buttons in this first image, can be toggled On or Off.

Renaming Your Dropdown ☰ Menu Options 

Any of the options in the two images above can be renamed. You are not required to rename anything, but both LITE and PLUS app owners have that option available to them. There are also a number of items in the dropdown menu that cannot be renamed. Only the options in images above, can be renamed. NOTE: Everything here has a 20 character limit

Showing the App View

To give you an idea of what the full dropdown menu looks like with all the options turned on, we have included an image here. NOTE: For PLUS app owners, you will not see 'Switch Content' at the top of the menu, unless you are viewing your app using your LITE code in the ACTIONERA app. For LITE app owners, some of these items in the menu will not be available to you.

Customizing the App View

This image will give you an idea of the type of customization you can create for your app. The below example is for an app owner who also owns and runs a business with hired employees. In this case, they have renamed their dropdown menu options so that their app can be used exclusively by employees of their business in order to find resources, content and information that will help them be a more productive, engaged and informed employee. NOTE: (1) Changing the name of items in your dropdown menu that also have buttons on the home screen, does not change the name of those buttons. You will need to go through a separate process in order to do that. (2) One thing to be aware of is that making name changes only reflects in the dropdown menu. That means that even if you change the name for Topics/Galleries/Directories/etc., it will not change the name in the other parts of the app. Which means that once you select from this menu, you will still see the default name appear at the top of the screen. If you want to change the names in these areas, you will need to pay for a custom app build and possibly re-submit with Apple and Android for approval. 

Changing The Buttons

There are 2 main buttons that show up on the home screen. Often by default, they are 'Track Now' and 'Topics.' At this time, these buttons are static and cannot be changed without an app update and resubmission. A future version of the app will allow for changing out these buttons.