• For v8.0 to v9.0+
  • Not for v7.0 and earlier versions

What are Profiles?

Profiles include the main "App" profile as well as sub-profiles which can act as the about page for any person/piece of content. Your "App Profile" is displayed to users under the "About Us" section of your app. You can manually create profiles or have them created by your users through ActionForms.

Regardless, all profiles are inaccessible until the associated content has had the sub-topic "profiles" included in their sub-topic list, as well as having the created profile associated with the content that has the sub-topic "profiles" associated with it.

You can access Profiles under ACTIONPAGES in the Content Portal:

Profile Options and Fields

Name - This will associate a name with the profile

Title(Optional) - Will display an associated title in the profile

Business Name(Optional) - Will display an associated business name in the profile

Image(Optional) - Will display a thumbnail image associated with the profile

Email Address(Optional) - Will display an email contact for the profile

Bio(Optional) - Will display a short bio related to the profile

Website URL(Optional) - Will display a custom to a website associated with the profile

Social URLs(All Optional) - Will display a small social icon and when clicked will direct to the associated social media site

Call to Action(Optional) - Creates a Button on the bottom of the screen that directs people to a custom URL of your choice

App Profile Toggle - When toggled green, will display this profile under the "About Us" section of your app

Topic/Directory Listing - Profiles do not automatically show up in the app and need to be associated with specific listings by navigating to the listing and activating the profile sub-topic as well as associating here with the listing(s) you want it to be connected to

Active Toggle - When active, the profile will be visible to users under it's associated listings

NOTE: The Facebook ID field is required by iOS apps to auto-magically open the Facebook profile within the Facebook app, otherwise it will try to open the profile through a browser within the app, that may not be logged in. To learn how to get the Facebook ID for a specific profile, see Facebooks documentation here