When your Actionera Web account is activated you will see in your Content Portal Account (this is the place you go to login to manage your website and content) a menu option called "Web App" under the Overview column.  See image below.

Fields You'll Find On This Screen:

Username: You will already see a username. We suggest you not change that for it will change your URL.  You can change it if you have not already shared your url with anyone.  If you get an error in changing it then there is a good chance that username is already taken.

There are three options for what goes in the "logo area" of your website. You only to use one for they all appear in the same area:

Icon Image: This is an icon, such as the icon used with your Actionera App.  Or you can provide an icon, such as one from a source like Flaticon.com.  

Logo: This could be your regular logo, best to be horizontal and no more than 400px wide and 75px high.

Logo Text: If you don't have an icon or a logo then you can put in text, such as your brand or business name. 

Following these logo options you will find a space for a tagline.  This will show in the top left corner of your website (see above images).

The right column of the screen will include the font choices and the color scheme of your website.

Fonts:  Right now there are two primary fonts you can choose:

1) The Headers (the larger fonts in the site)

2) The Body (the main text of the site)

More fonts and styles will be added later.

Site Colors:  You get to pick three colors for your site:

1) The Light Color: is background color on most pages.  We suggest you keep that as light as possible to keep your site easy to read and clean to look at.

2) The Medium Color: This will show up in most buttons and the bottom featured content slider. It will also appear in some rollovers

3) The Dark Color: This will show on the home screen if you don't have a full screen image, button rollovers and varies places throughout the site. 

To choose a color, click the round color icon and it will bring up a "color picker," which allows you to put in the color hex code or choose the color from the picker.

You will see instructions with each to understand how to best choose the colors that work for your site and of course you can change them at any point. 

Once you made your selections click the "Save" button and then go take a look at your website to see what it looks like.  Return to form to make any changes.