The next step to get your Actionera Website setup is to create or edit your welcome screen.  You'll edit a screen if you have the Actionera App and you'll create a new one if you are new to Actionera.  To create/edit our home/welcome screen, go to the Overview menu (see below) and choose Welcome Screens.

The Fields on This Screen

NOTE: The current screen shown above will be changing soon so that you can create a separate "Web Only" home screens.  

To have a complete home screen you will need to fill in the following fields:

Headline: Located mid-page - this is the headline that shows at the top of the page (see image below)

Video: If you want a video to appear on the home screen then either put in a Youtube/Vimeo link or upload the video to your Actionera Account.  A video will override an image if you have uploaded an image that is NOT full screen.

Image: You have two choices with an image - upload the image and uncheck the box that says "...make full width of home screen" and the image will show centered in front of the dark color site color (see image below)

Or... check the box and the image will go full screen, the headline and the two buttons will appear in the center of the image (see image below)

What's New Headline:  This is the headline above the text that appears below the header (image or video).

What's New Description: This is the text that shows below the headline.  See image below.

Button Options: Currently you can show two buttons in the header, chosen from three current sections of the app (5 more section options are coming soon and custom buttons with custom urls are also coming soon).  Choose the buttons you want.

Call to Action Text and Url Fields:  These fields will generate a button that will appear below the What's New Description (see image above).  Put in the text you want in the button and the URL (inside your site or outside your site) to where you want people to go when they click that button.  See button example in the What's new image above.

Tags: This will allow you to create custom home/welcome screens for users who have specific tags in their account (coming in Part 2 of Phase 1).  A specific article will be created to explain this.

Active Toggle: This will make the home/welcome screen active.  If you want it to go live then toggle it on.