The Actionera Creator "Portal" is the central place you will go to manage your entire site, which includes adding content, managing members, tags, and anything else that will appear in your site.  

When you login you will find all the current options and features that your website will eventually offer, however these features will not be active in your website until they release in the four phases of the rollout of Actionera Web.

Why are these options available in the content portal now?

Because the mobile app version currently has all of these features and the app and the web uses the same account and same portal to manage the content between the two.  So if you only have the Web platform then you'll only need to use the options in the portal that apply to the current version you have right now.

How do you login to your content portal?

To login you can either go to or you can go to and click the "Client Login" link in the top right corner.

What are your login credentials?

Your email will be your login email and your password will be the password you chose when we sent you an invite to set up your account and choose your password.  

Note: we do not have access to any passwords.  They are all encrypted for both content creators and users of your site or app.  Passwords are never available to anyone to see so if someone forgets their password they will need to reset it via the app or website. 

If you did not choose your Password yet, then first look in your spam folder for an email inviting you to do so and if you cannot find that email then email so we can resend the invite to you. 

What version are we currently on?  

As of today, August 16th, we are on version 1.1 of Actionera Web.  So in the portal you will use the following screens to manage your website in it's current version:

  • Under Overview Menu:  Welcome Screens, Profiles and Web Setup

  • Under Message Menu: nothing as of right now

  • Under Members Menu: Member list and Tags are coming September 1st for version 2.0

  • Under Content Menu: Everything but Journals and Galleries

  • Under Courses, Tracka and Events Menu: Nothing until phase 2 and phase 3 (September / October)