The first training and unveiling of Actionera Web was on August 16th.  The next training will be Wednesday August 31st at 4pm PST.  The video from the training are below along with notes that are important from this training:


  • The first 60 minutes of the training focused on the vision and unique aspects of Actionera and Actionera Web.  This is important to watch for it will help you understand how you can fully leverage this platform as it rolls out the next few months in the four phases we have planned.

  • The rollout of the features of Actionera Web will be in two week increments and will be accompanied by a training call (every other Wednesday at 4pm PST).

  • The next rollout of features will include the ability of users to login, fixes and improvements to current elements of site, and the membership technology to display content to users based on tags you create and access to these tags you give to your members. 

  • On the call we gave instructions to get your account created (if you are new to Actionera) and your website "activated or turned on" for both new and current users.  Either you gave us the info we needed on the call or we need you to fill out this form:

  • The version now live of Actionera Web is now 1.1

  • If you'd like to see live active sites you can check out: or

  • Make sure you read the "how to access your account article" and Step One and Step Two articles to setting up your Actionera Website

  • You can find portal training videos here: