For All New App Owners, Find Out What to Do First!


You are now an app owner with access to your content portal. But What now? 

Fortunately, we have prepared a 2-part video series that will let you know what you can expect to find in your app and what type of changes your should make first. The second video focuses heavily on helping app owners that purchased the 50PLR, make use of that content.   

Part 1

For LITE & PLUS app owners, what you can expect to find in the Content Portal when you first login. What to do first, and immediate changes to make to help get started with your app.

*Please note that Part 1 gets cut-off abruptly. Part 2 will cover what was missed.

Part 2

A must watch for anyone that bought the 50PLR and also for anyone that wants to have a better understanding of how the courses work and are shown in the Content Portal. 

You will have a very good understanding of tags, unlock codes, the 50 PLR and how to sell courses after watching this.