The first training and unveiling of Actionera Web was on August 16th.  The next training will be Wednesday August 31st at 4pm PST.  The video from the training are below along with notes that are important from this training:


The notes taken by Cheri Merz for this training can be found here.

The 2nd of three parts of Phase 1 will be releasing over the next week for your website (see list below).  This is what we covered on the call.

The features that are releasing as part of this training are as follows:

  1. URL's of each piece of content can be found when you click the "Update" of that content.
  2. Custom home buttons will allow you to create links to custom urls with custom text for the buttons
  3. The Login option will be activated so you can login and see content that is tagged to members only.
  4. Registration and unlock codes will follow so your website will be 100% membership technology activated.

When a feature goes live into production (available for your website), we will post a specific article here on the support site with a video showing you how to use it. 

Misc fixes and improvements to website have been done and will continue throughout the next 10 days.

We will be starting the promotion of your website through varies channels we have to help you get traffic, including the Actionera app and website directory and the Websites of Experts website where we will list your website for people to find you.

Need help getting your website launched?

Join us on the Jumpstart day on September 7th at 3pm PST to 6pm PST to have our team help you and walk you through the steps to have an active and nice website to work with.  

Go here at 3pm PST to attend the Jumpstart Day: