Below you will find the recording of the third training and notes from that training so you know what was covered.

Notes from training:

New features of Actionera Web shown on call:

  1. All content you create have their own web URL's so you can preview or access directly the content for misc reasons

  2. Custom URL's for home screen buttons to be released soon (shown in staging) - to be moved to production this week

  3. The "Subscribe" functionality of the overall registration and membership part of the platform will be released within 48 hours in production.  This allows people who are already an Actionera member to quickly subscribe as a member of your site.  This is the first part of the overall registration and completion of your site becoming a fully networked membership technology.

Also discussed on the call:

The Roadmap Mastermind is being held September 21st from 10am PST to 3 or 4pm PST and will focus on marketing strategies for your website/app.  The strategies all revolve around three goals - 1) building your list, 2) getting more and consistent engagement in your site/app, and 3) making money.  You can attend this training by going to on that day

Most of the remainder of the call was focused on answering questions and providing support to web owners who attended.