Below you will find the recording and notes for the Actionera Web training held on Wednesday Sept 28th.


  • The register, login, join membership, and unlock code features are now active in your website.

  • Label changes to buttons will be taking effective in your site soon: Join - Free Sign Up, Subscribe - Become a Member

  • We go over the three different ways people can become members - 1) register from your site, 2) Click Become a Member after already being logged in and 3) register or become a member through an unlock code

  • The welcome screen now allows you to create Web Only, App Only, or for both welcome screen so you have more control over content between an app and the website.

  • Welcome screen also allows you to create custom Action Buttons that go to specific URLs or sections of your site

  • A lot of the call went through questions, future updates and fixes and ways you can use this unique website technology to market your business and share your content.