** Note: This article applies to the 8.5 Upgrade ONLY. Upgrade costs are subject to change. **

The 8.5 App Upgrades and New Module

The following upgrades apply to ALL apps updated or launched in December:

  • Custom Confirmation Screen (in Tags): This is a very important feature in you providing instructions and direction on what a person should do after they unlock a tag. You can currently go into the portal, go to your tags (create a new one or update an existing one), toggle the Confirmation Screen option and then put in information that will guide your user to the content they just unlocked. This is a key feature to an improved user experience.

     Example On How To Use: If you have a tag that unlocks content you can use the confirmation screen to give exact instructions on where to go to access that content. "Thank you for unlocking the XYZ Program. Click arrow above left, click hamburger menu top left, choose Topics and then find the XYZ Program name in the list to access content." Or you can record a video and welcome them to the content and give them instructions through the video. Either way, your users will love the guidance.

  • Custom Welcome Screen Buttons: This next upgrade will allow you to change the buttons on the home screen of your app (the buttons that are in the middle of the screen) to point to different sections of the app or to open a web page to view a website. Any welcome screen you create can have different home buttons.

     Example On How To Use: Change the buttons on the home screen to match what is going on in your world. If you are doing an event or summit that month then link a button to Summits. If you are giving away a gift then create a custom button that goes to a landing page URL. Create different home screens for different tags so you can create a button that goes to a group community page. Unlimited ways to customize your app flow with this new feature.

  • Control Over Menu Options and Labels: Another new feature now in your content portal is the Menu Setup under the "Overview" column (currently being finalized to work on Web and will take effect in 8.5 version).  With this feature you can have control over toggle on or off menu features in your app and changing the label (names) of these features in the welcome screen buttons (above) or in the slide out menu of your app.  

    Example On How To Use: Changing the names of areas of app and menu is pretty self-explanatory. But you can also turn on or off these options too. You can turn off Topics and organize all of your content under directories, even create a Topics directory. This way all content you offer is under a directory of some sort. This gives you greater control over options in your app.

  • Topics screen is now optional and standalone:  Current apps all have a Topics screen. When you go the topics screen there is a default Resources tab (top or bottom depending on phone) that links to the default Resources directory. We have removed the tab so all you'll see is topics and if you want people to see any directory listings then they just go to the Directory section of the app. This cleans up and reduces confusion and also allows you to turn off completely the Topics screen as explained above and only use directories.

  • Users Can Now Delete Journal Entries: a user can now go to the Journal Entries screen and swipe an entry left on iPhone to delete or long press an entry in Android to delete.  This allows users to have control over their journal entries. 


Another big update to the app is the optional PRO Module called Action Lists.  With Action Lists you can create action or to-do lists for your users to use and experience in your app.  There are 100's of ways to use this feature BUT the biggest value of this feature is the "stickiness" it creates, meaning it is designed to get people to open your app every day and even multiple times a day.  This is the ultimate traffic AND engagement tool.

Let's look at the features of the Action Lists Module: 

  • As the app owner/creator you can create lists for your users to add to their Action Lists screen.  They select the list you created and get the list of actions you create for them.

  • A list can have a tag so you can set up automated push notifications to remind people to use list and offer lists to only certain customers (imagine creating a custom list for a coaching client)

  • You can choose different frequencies for the list - Daily, Weekly, or days of the week (Mon, Wed, Friday for example). The list refreshes and starts anew based on the frequency you chose

  • Each list has a check box they can check to indicate they completed that item on the list

  • Each item can have custom instructions or information to go with it.  You can record a video, audio, have an image, description, and a call to action button with any list item.  If you do this an arrow shows next to that item that takes the user to that additional information (can be used to create a unique kind of course).

  • Users can choose lists from what's available and turn them on or off at any point or create their own lists (see below).

  • Users can create their own custom lists within the app.  They can give their list a name, choose a frequency and add as many items to their list as they wish.  All that data is stored in their phone for privacy.  They can create one time, daily, weekly, a to-do list, a shopping list, a goal list, a travel list... you name it.

  • And more that is being built now and will be added to future versions. 

Ideas for Action Lists: The possibilities are endless... health experts can create food shopping lists, or exercise lists. Mindset / Personal Growth experts can create goal lists, mindfulness lists, meditation lists, gratitude lists, affirmation lists, or self-reflection lists. Business experts can create marketing lists, leadership lists, morning lists, to-do action lists and more. I could go on and on and on. Let your imagination roam and you'll get why we are so excited about this module.

Just remember this is designed to create frequent engagement, which is a path to making money and selling your products and programs.

What does the Upgrade and The New Module Cost?

** Note: This article applies to the 8.5 Upgrade ONLY. Upgrade costs are subject to change. ** 

Now let's get down to how to get in on this upgrade or add the new Action List to your app. The cost depends on a few factors - do you have Lite, Base or Pro app?  Is your app launched yet?  The costs would range from Zero cost for some to $195 for others to $495 for a few others. So let's figure that out based on the following information:

If you have already launched your app then look through these options:

  • PRO App Owners will get the Action List Module for FREE but pay a $195 app update fee
  • LITE App Owners will have a cost of $195 to add Action List module to account 
  • BASE App Owners will have a $195 update fee and a $300 Action List cost (70% off Pro Module cost) for a total of $495 (Action List is optional so choose update only if you don't want Action Lists)

Click Here to upgrade your already launched app - choose option that applies

If you have NOT launched your app yet then look through these options:

  • PRO App Owners will not have ANY fees IF they launch their app after the 1st of the year
  • BASE App Owners will have a $295 Action List cost (if you launch in January or after)
  • BASE App Owners that don't choose Action Lists get 8.5 for free if launched in January or after

Click Here to Add Action Lists your app that isn't launched yet


FAQ's About The Upgrade and Pro Module:

What timeline do I have to decide on my upgrade options?

You need to decide to upgrade your app or add Action Lists to your upcoming app by November 10th.   

Why is there a timeline?

Doing an upgrade for possibly over 100 apps is incredibly time consuming and is something we have decided only to offer once to twice a year.  This upgrade will most likely happen in December so we need to prep accounts early to upgrade your app starting in December.  Therefore we need decisions by November 10th.

When will the upgrade roll out and be submitted to the app stores?

Upgrades will start and complete in December but prep for us to have Developer account access, to make sure your accounts are up to date, and to build your app will start in November.  We cannot give you a specific date or date guarantee but we do plan to complete all updates before Xmas. 

Will Action Lists be available in Actionera Web?  

Yes, but it will available later, after our current roadmap of features is completed, so expect a timeframe of March or April for Action Lists to be available on the websites. 

Why is there a cost to update a launched app and not for one that isn't launched yet?

Since we already built and launched your app, we will need to re-build and go through the same process again.  That is free the first time you do it and costs $195 for any other time we update your app.

What if I have a LITE App account and want to launch a branded app under the 8.5 version?  

If you are interested in upgrading from Lite to Base or Pro branded app then email me directly for details and costs - Robert@actionera.com