Q1. What is the status on the 50 PLR (aka 60 PLR)? Where can I find them in my App? (or) Why aren't they in my App? 

Around September 2022 the 50 PLR got a major upgrade. They are now the 60 PLR, as we have added more content to them. Those who purchased the original 50 PLR had them uploaded into their app when we initially created their Actionera account. Due to a combination of technical challenges, account creation protocol and late purchases, not everybody who originally purchased the 50 PLR has received them.

For those who did receive the 50 PLR, we thank you for your valuable feedback. During the overhaul, we took this feedback into consideration and have made many modifications and changes that we believe will make using them in your app much easier as well as acting as an example guide to course creation in the app. We've also included several more, making them the 60 PLR now. 

For those who purchased the original 50 PLR you will be receiving the upgrade for free, including access to all 60 PLR. Everyone that has purchased since September will also be getting the 60 PLR. 

To know if you have the 50 PLR in your app currently, go into your content portal and check out either Tags, Topics or Lessons. In Tags and Topics you will find the names of 50+ courses. In Lessons you should have a list of about 540 lessons that populates. 

Beginning in November 2022 we will start erasing the 50 PLR out of our client's apps. We will then be making the 60 PLR available to everyone who purchased it (or the original 50 PLR). The ETA on this is still tentative as we are troubleshooting the technology that we will be using for this process. The 60 PLR are done, but we want to make sure that our process for erasing the old list of PLR and getting you the new list, does not create any issues. We ask you to be patient and understanding with us as we troubleshoot this challenging technology.

Q2. Why does it sometimes take the content portal a while to refresh or load content?

The short answer is that the content portal is a complicated technology with many interfacing systems. Issues that cause a latency (delay) in the information that you are trying to access can be affected by a wide array of factors. Some of those factors are in our control, but many are not. 

The data that you create and add to the content portal is stored on our servers. It takes time for your computer to communicate with our servers to get the right content to show up on your screen. Internet Upload/Download speeds for you and for us are just one of the things that can have an affect on latency. On our end, we are doing the best we can to improve the speeds and keep them running smoothly.  

Here are some things that you can do on your end to improve your experience:

1. Check that you have a strong internet connection with good upload/download speeds

2. Know that if you are checking an area in the content portal with a lot of content already added, it is going to take time for your computer to load the entire list. For example, 20sec wait times are not unusual when viewing the 540+ lessons that go with the 50 PLR. 

3. Use Notepad (PC users) and TextEdit (Mac users) when copying content to or from the content portal. Both of these are less complex word processors, which means that they run faster than things like Word, OpenOffice and Google Docs. You also wont encounter any of the weird formatting issues that you get when copying text into the content portal from other sources; like blogs, pdfs and even Word. 

4. Have fewer windows open. If you have a ton of windows, widgets and apps open on your computer than you are going to slow down its processing speed. 

Q3. Why wont the content portal allow me to submit content?

Every once in a while the content portal will not accept content that you just entered, even when you have all the fields properly filled out. We don't always know the reason for this but the easy fix is to just click cancel on the form and try again. It usually works the second time. If that doesn't work then close out of the content portal entirely and then try going back into it. This almost always works. 

When it doesn't the issue is usually one of these:

a. You did not actually fill out all the required fields properly, or did not select a release date. It could be that a required field was left blank, or that you went over the character limit.


b. The name you used in the title area, or main name area for that content is actually a duplicate name of something else you have already created in the content portal. Try naming it something different and see if it takes. 

c. Something is wrong with our servers. It happens. You can try back in an hour or two. Usually we get the server working again very quickly. 

Q4. What is the difference between Topics and Directories? When should I use which one? 

Both Directories and Topics are ways of organizing your content in the app. They are like filing cabinets and folders. Which one you use will depend on how organized your content needs to be. 

In Directories you have this many options: 

1. Name of the Directory (Can be named) 

2. Name of the Listing under the Directory (Can be named) 

3. Name of the Sub-topic (cannot be re-named) added to the Listing 

4. Name of the piece of content that lives under the Sub-topic (Ex. the name of your Article) 

In Topics you have this many options:

1. Name of the Topic (Can be named)

2. Name of the Sub-topic (cannot be re-named) added to the Topic

3. Name of the piece of content that lives under the Sub-topic (Ex. the name of your Article)

There is no way to add more naming functions and options than this. Topics has less naming options than Directories. When deciding whether to put your content under Topics or Directories, keep this information in mind. 

Q5. How do I test content in my app without other app users being able to see it? 

The best way to do this is to create and use the 'Hide' tag. In the Members area of the content portal you can find 'Tags' in the dropdown. First check to see if you have a 'Hide' tag already (Some clients had this created by default in their app). If not, go to 'Add Tag' button in the upper right. For Type, select 'Content,' then write the word 'Hide' in the 'Tag Name' and 'Tag' boxes, click Submit. 

Now that you have a 'Hide' tag you can add this tag to any piece of content you create. Give the unlock code for the 'Hide' tag to no one else, but use it yourself when logged into your app. You can now see and test any content that you have given the 'Hide' tag without worry of anyone else being able to view the content. 

You can also give this tag to whole new Topics and Directories that you create and want to test. If doing this, you do not need to add the 'Hide' tag to any content you put in there since the Topic/Directory itself is already hidden from all other app users. 

Q6. What is the FREE tag and what does it do? 

The 'FREE' tag is the odd one out. If you go into the Members area in the content portal and select 'Tags' in the dropdown, then you will be able to view every tag you have created. By default, every app owner's content portal gets the 'FREE' tag and it cannot be changed or deleted.

With every single tag you create, you unlock the content that you have assigned to that tag by using the 'Track Now' button and entering the code associated with the tag. The 'FREE' tag does not work this way. To even be able to use an unlock code an app user must first login/register with your app by creating a user name, email and password. 

Once they do this they will unlock the ability to use unlock codes. They will also, automatically unlock any content that you have given the 'FREE' tag in the content portal. It is the content that app users get for Free by becoming a member of your app. It is also the only tag that you do not need an unlock code entered in the 'Track Now' area, in order to unlock.

Q7. What is the difference between Base, Pro, Plus, Lite, etc.? 

It will help is we look at the structure like this.




ACTIONERA has 3 main products that we sell. We call them Plus, Lite and Web. Each of those products can either be in their Base version or Pro version. 

PLUS - Your app with your branding, which can be downloaded from the Apple or Android stores.


LITE - Your app with our branding, which can be accessed by downloading the ACTIONERA app and entering the LITE code that has been assigned to your app. 

WEB - Your app but in a web format. Found on the internet through a unique URL that you create with all the same platform options as found in the app. (After Phase 4 is complete)   

Base - All the features our content portal and app technology has to offer with but a few exceptions. Click HERE and scroll down to explore these features.

Pro - All the features our content portal and app technology has to offer with no exceptions. Click HERE and scroll down to explore these features. 

Premium - This is a term you may have heard thrown around as well. All it means when we say that someone has a Premium app is that their app is branded. In other words, they are a Plus app owner.