Connecting Your ACTIONERA Account to Zapier & Creating A Zap

Live training given on 11/17/22 by Robert Evans



How To Create a Free Zapier Account

Sign up for a FREE Zapier Account if you don’t have one already

  1. Sign up with Google SSO for simplest experience.
    1. You can use the same email you created for your Android developer account if you don’t have another Gmail address
    2. Or you can create a new Gmail address specifically for this.
  2. You will need to answer a few questions to get set up.

Currently, the FREE account allows you to have 5 “Zaps” and perform up to 100 “Tasks” per month

Zapier Basics

A Zap is the term for an automated workflow. It includes one trigger (something that happens in one app that will start the workflow), and at least one action (something that the Zap does automatically for you).

Each time a Zap is triggered, that starts a run which runs the Zap’s actions in sequence. Each time an action successfully does something (like sending an SMS, or updating a contact), that uses one task

The plan you would need depends on your overall usage (how many Zaps you have running, how many tasks they use etc).


Get more Zapier Help:

Accept the ACTIONERA Invite

Once you have a Zapier account:

  1. click HERE to access the ACTIONERA Invite
  2. Click Accept Invite & Build a Zap

Build a Zap

The Zap being created in this article is when someone is added to your ACTIONERA app, they also get added to your mailing list (in this example: AWeber)


1. Click Create Zap

2. Choose your App & Event

  • Type in ACTIONERA
  • You will see two options. Choose Actionera (1.0.0) Latest

3. Choose an Event

  • In this example, choose New Member
  • Click Continue

4. Sign into your ACTIONERA Account

  • Click Sign-in
  • Use your Creator account (Content Portal login and Password)
  • Account email should now appear.
  • Click Continue

5. Choose the value for the App ID

  • You should see the name of your app on the list
  • If you have multiple apps, choose the app you are creating this Zap for
  • Click Continue

6. Test the Trigger

This tests the “trigger” of the zap. It is going to go into your ACTIONERA account and grab a sample member on the list.

PRO TIP #1: Don't choose Apple or Android for this test.

If you see “Apple” or “Android” as the first member, choose a different member. It is literally going to add this person to your mailing list.


  • Click Test Trigger
  • Select a member from the list (not apple or android)
  • Click Continue

7. Set the Action

  • Select your email system (in this example we chose AWeber)
  • If you aren’t logged into your email system, you will be prompted to login

8. Choose an Event

  • For this example, we choose Create Subscriber
  • Click Continue

PRO TIP #2: Guided API Steps

In some cases, you will be led through guided steps to set up the API, in order to link up the two apps (ACTIONERA and your mailing system) so that the fields can be automatically populated.

In this example, AWeber and ACTIONERA were able to synch up without extra steps:

9. Fill out the fields

  • Select your Account
  • Choose which list/segment you would like to add your new users to when they sign up for your app
  • Choose the ACTIONERA App fields that correspond to the users’ name, email address and the tags they have
  • Click Test Action
  • You will get an on-screen notification if it was successful or not. Sample success screen:

PRO TIP #3: Creating a NEW tag

Certain CRMs will allow the creation of a NEW, custom tag in the Content Portal FOR YOU. You will still need to create the list segment in the CRM yourself. This new tag can be used to trigger a new email sequence in your CRM.


10. If successful, click Publish Zap

  • Click Publish and Turn On (this uses 1 of your 5 free zaps)
  • You will get a success screen/on screen notification:

11. Login to your email system to confirm the test worked. (Sample: Robert’s AWeber)

12. You can change the name of your new Zap: