General Updates:

  • Demo of how apps show up in the Apps of Experts and ActionEra directory, whether live or coming soon.
    • Network concept: Members of any app(s) will be able to see an image of all Expert apps of which they're a member and those that are available. Visibility of one provides visibility for all.
  • What's happening with the web version.
    • Still looking good for Phase 1 release in mid-August
    • On August 1st, lifetime deal for $495 price goes away forever
      • Lifetime offer of $995 is released
      • About mid-week next week they will open an initial opportunity for people to join lifetime beta release to a capped number of people. Throughout month of August
        • $250 commission opportunity
        • Internal launch
      • Have been working with a pro copywriter, who has been re-writing copy.

Link to Notes: Click Here for Notes on this call. Thank you, Cheri Merz!