This article will teach you how to create a library of image files by using the 'Lesson' content option in the Content Portal. Doing this will create image URLs, which can be incredibly useful to have.

Here's How

During the WYSIWYG Training, Robert showed us a workaround  for creating an image URL to place in the web tab of the WYSIWYG.

This is similar (in function) to a "Media Files" or "Image Library" area of a website.

This workaround uses the Lessons content type in the Content Portal.


Creating an Image Library in Your App

Creating the Image Library

  1. Log into the Content Portal
  2. Go to the Content tab
  3. Select Lessons
  4. Create a New Lesson
  5. Give it a title and fill out mandatory fields

6. Leave the topic blank

7. Leave the  “Featured?” toggle OFF

8. No tag needed 

  • Why: if you “hide”  or tag this lesson, the images won’t be accessible publicly

9. Leave the “Active” toggle OFF

10. Add a new Section and give the image a name for easy identification

11. Upload your image and hit Save:

12. Take note of the Lesson URL (copy it so you can paste it into your browser):

13. Click Submit to save your Lesson

Getting The Image URL

  1. Paste the Lesson URL you just copied into a new browser tab
  2. Locate your image on the page
  3. Right-click on the image and copy the image address:

Using The Image In The WYSIWYG Or Any “Image URL” Field

Once you have copied the image URL, you are ready to use the image.

You can paste this URL In any “Image URL” field in the app:


  1. Click on the Image icon:

2. In the Source field, paste the image URL:

3. You can re-size the image by changing the pixel size here, if you choose.

4. Click Save

The image will appear in the WYSIWYG. You can manually re-size the image by grabbing on any of the corners:

You can get back into the image settings by right-clicking the image and choosing Image:

** Don’t forget to click Submit when you are done with all your edits and copywriting! **

PRO TIP #1: Proportion Control

The LOCK icon will constrain your image proportions so the image will maintain it’s proper width and height ratio:

If you UNLOCK the icon, you can manually re-size your image (we don’t recommend doing this):

  1. Select the image

  2. Click on the Link icon (You can also right click the image and select Link):

3. Enter the destination URL in the field

4. Choose if you want the link to open in a new window or the current one:

** Don’t forget to click Submit when you are done with all your edits and copywriting! **