PART 1: Bulk Import the 60 PLR


About the 60 PLR

The PLR purchased from ACTIONERA has specific usage and resale rights. You have the right to sell them individually or as bundles.  You can give them away as a “bonus” as long as you are getting the person’s email in exchange. Here’s what you can’t do:

  • Edit, change or modify the PLR files
  • Give them away totally free (no tag)
  • Sell or give them away to someone else to sell as well

If you want to change the icon we have selected as the listing image, that is OK to do.

Just don’t modify or add your branding to the eBooks or video files. That would violate the PLR license.

Read more about what you can and can do with the PLR here

How To Import and Activate the PLR

Step 1: Import Using the "Bulk Import" Feature

If you have purchased the PLR package from ACTIONERA, you will receive a link to download the 60 PLR bundle.  It will download as a “zip file” (compressed file format).

You do not need to open or “extract” the contents of this file. Leave it as-is.

IMPORTANT: The "Bulk Import" feature should ONLY be used if you have received a ZIP File to upload from ACTIONERA

  1. Log into the Content Portal
  2. Go to the Manage tab
  3. Click on Import/Export:

4. Select Bulk Import

5. Click on the Import box to locate your ACTIONERA provided ZIP file or drag and drop it from your desktop

6. Click Import:

7. You will get a warning that says you are about to import [FILE NAME], click on Confirm to continue the import.

8. A message will let you know the file is being imported. You will receive an email once the import is complete. 

9. Click OK


Once the content is uploaded, you can confirm it’s there:

10. Go to the Manage tab

11. Select Topics/Listings

You should see 60+ new listings now in place.

PRO TIP: Hiding Your New PLR Directory

If you are not ready to use or sell your PLR you can hide them so that no one has access to them.


  1. Go to Directories
  2. Select Video eCourse Store
  3. Add the Hide tag and click Submit to save