Quick Access Guide

Step 2: Create a Topic/Listing

This Topic/Listing is where people will claim your gift. It can be accessed after people have unlocked your gift (if you are providing a custom unlock code/tag #) or once they have registered (if using the "Free" tag).

If you have multiple giveaways, you can organize these listings in a directory if you choose.

1. Go to the Content tab

2. Click on Topics/Listings

3. Click Add New Topic/Listing and fill out the fields:

1. Topic Name - The name of your gift

2Upload or provide a link to an Image

3. If adding the Topic/Listing to a Directory, turn the toggle on and choose a Directory

4. Choose a Tag if you created a custom unlock code/tag

5. Custom URLs - You can add custom URLs to your listing (example: Download Now that leads to a GDrive for a PDF)

**Don't forget to lick Submit to save!**