Quick Access Guide

Step 3: Create a Custom Tag/Unlock Code

This is an optional step if you are creating a custom Tag for tracking, creating a list segment or would just like to create the sense of exclusivity for your gift. 

You can use the "Free" Tag if you just want the user to register.

1. Go to the Content tab

2. Click on Tags

3. Click Add New Tag and fill out the fields:

1. Type = Content

2. Tag Name and Tag can be the same name

**Don't forget to lick Submit to save!**

Locate the new tag on the list and take note of the 6-digit number. This is the unlock/track code you will give out so users can unlock your gift. 

PRO TIP#3: Custom Confirmation Screens

You can create a Custom Confirmation Screen if you choose. This screen will come up when someone inputs the 6-digit custom unlock code in the web version of your app. This is a good place to provide instructions to access the content they just unlocked. There is a 255 character count limit in the Message field.

Sample Message Text:

To access and download these pages, dick the "Content" link above in the menu and look for a topic titled "Planner Pages”. Click that and it will open up to list the page where you can download the pages. Download, print and enjoy your dream life!