Note About this Article

This article is for app owners who purchased the 60 PLR mini-courses from ACTIONERA and who currently have the PLR in their apps as of December 2022. 


Linking a Mini-Course to a Payment Page

Once you have decided which mini-course(s) you want to sell, you need to add a CTA and link to your shopping cart so you can collect payment.

You must have a way to collect payment to do this, such as PayPal, Stripe, or ThriveCart to name a few.

Copy the URL to your payment page or shopping cart page. You will need to put this in the CTA URL field in your app.

1. Log into the Content Portal

2. On the ACTIONPAGES tab, click Products:

3. Update the Call to Action Text

4. Paste your shopping cart link in the Call to Action URL field

4. Add a Tag (new or existing)

See our article 60 PLR: Adding Additional Content and Bundling (part 4) for a walkthrough on how to bundle and create tags in preparation for selling your PLR.

Sharing the Unlock Code After Payment

Once you have set up the product for sale, you will need a way to deliver the Unlock Code to the customer when they purchase the PLR.

We recommend doing one if not both of these things to atomate the delivery process of the Unlock Code.

Step 1: Find the Unlock Code In Your App

1. Go to the Manage tab and click Tags: 

2. Capture the Unlock Code of the tag: 


The next few steps are optional, if you want to create a custom confirmation page in the tag.

3. Click Update and toggle "on" the Custom Confirmation Screen

4. Fill in the required fields and provide instructions for accessing the content once it is unlocked.

You can use the WYSIWYG to simplify the user's experience and add a hyperlink (text or an image) that takes them to the content directly.

Example of App Instructions:

Example of Web, using the WYSIWYG:

Step 2: In Your Shopping Cart System

Set up a confirmation or success page in your shopping cart so you can automatically deliver the unlock code to your customer, along with instructions on how to access the mini-course(s) once they are unlocked.

Creating this page may be different, depending on how you collect payment, so check out your platform's help articles or seek out a subject matter expert to help you. Given the wide variety of platforms out there, chances are, someone in your network knows this information!