NOTE: This article is for app owners who purchased the 60 PLR mini-courses from ACTIONERA and who currently have the PLR in their apps as of December 2022

PART 3: Viewing the 60 PLR


How To View the 60 PLR

By now,  the 60PLR has been loaded into your app, you have added the additional (8) PLR tags to the MY COURSES directory and you may have hidden the PLR from public access. 

This article walks you through giving yourself access so you can view the 60 PLR mini-courses yourself and decide how you want to use them. As a quick reminder, here are license limits


  • Edit or change the content, graphics or videos
  • Give them away under a free membership
  • Give them away without some kind of opt-in or payment
  • Sell a single mini-course for less than $7

Method 1: Create a new, "All Access" tag

1. Log into the Content Portal

2. Go to the Manage tab

3. Click on Tags and then Add Tag:

4. Tag Type is Content. Name the tag "All Access"

5. Click Submit to save:

6. Go to the Manage tab and select Topics/Listings

7. Locate the PLR title you wish to view and click Update

8. Add the new All Access tag and click Submit to save:

NOTE: You will need to Update and add the "All Access" tag to ALL 60 PLR topics

Method 2: Add ALL 60 PLR Tags to Your Member Account

This method may be a quicker approach if only 1 user needs to review all the courses because you are updating 1 record and adding 60 tags to it vs editing 60 + Topics/Listings.

1. Log into the Content Portal

2. Go to the Manage tab

3. Click on Members:

4. Locate the email address you will be using to log in and view the PLR mini-course content

5. Click Update and add ALL 60+ PLR tags to the user's account then click Submit to save:

NOTE: This should be a DIFFERENT email vs your Content Portal login email

To View The PLR:

1. Open your app (mobile or web version)

2. Login with your Test or User account

3. Click on Directories

4. Select My Courses

5. Choose the PLR title you want to view

Web Version Example:

Mobile Version Example:

PRO Tip: Create an "app tester" email Account

We recommend creating at least 1 email account you can use to test your app with. This will help give you insight into the user's experience in both the mobile and web versions of your app.

This email should be DIFFERENT than the email you use to log into the Content Portal to avoid any confusion and any display challenges with images etc.

If you have membership tiers with different access levels you can always create several of these tester account in order to ensure things are looking the way you want them to in your app.