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How to setup a custom domain?

Right now we have a DIY and DWY process for setting up a custom domain, simply login to the content portal and access "Custom Domain" menu item under the SETUP Menu to complete the custom domain request form and our team will reach out to you with the information you need to setup your custom domain, or to book a call with you to setup the domain with you.

What does a custom domain affect?

A custom domain will affect your website with ACTIONERA, right now your ACTIONERA URL with us is likely something like https://web.actionera.com/[username]. Once setup, your custom domain can be any domain or sub-domain you aren't already using


Custom "Root" Domain - iLoveApps.com

Custom "Default" Sub-Domain - www.iLoveApps.com

Custom Sub-Domain - members.iLoveApps.com

Custom Sub-Domains can be set with our DWY team, or set yourself by creating a new "CNAME" record in your DNS settings that has the value of whatever custom prefix (app, members, content, etc.) you want to have before your Root Domain

Why would I use a custom Sub-Domain?

A custom sub-domain would likely be used if

  • You're using the root domain/default sub-domain for your marketing platform
  • You're using the root domain/default sub-domain for a custom website you made
  • Your root domain/default sub-domain is forwarding to another website all together and you don't want to change that