How to Use Mini-Courses to Build Your List

These 60 PLR mini-courses are a great way to build your list, and get new members on your mailing list by using them as opt-in bonuses in exchange for getting someone's email address.

This article will be helpful if you have a CRM or email Marketing platform such as MailChimp, AWeber, or Active Campaign to name a few.

Read more about CRMs HERE.

Here is how you can use a mini-course to build your list and give people instant access. 

Step 1: In Your CRM or email Marketing Tool

1. Create a form or opt-in page that allows you to collect email addresses

2. Copy this URL and save it. You will need to paste it into the CTA Link field in your app

3. Create a success page (where the user will land once they give you their email address)

Note: You will need to update your success page with the Unlock Code so you can give them access automatically.

Step 2: In the Content Portal

1. On the ACTIONPAGES tab, click Products:

2. Locate the mini-course you wish to give as a bonus and click Update

3. Update the Call to Action Text and paste the URL from your CRM in the Call to Action URL field.

4. Add a Tag (new or existing):

5. Go to the Manage tab and click Tags:

6. Capture the Unlock Code of the tag:


You will need to go back to your CRM or email Marketing platform and update the success page.

Once a user opts-in, they will see your success page with:

1. The Unlock Code

2. Instructions on how to access the mini-course once it is unlocked.

PRO TIP: Learn About Audience Segments

Spend some time in your CRM or email Marketing platform to learn about audience segmentation and how to create them. You can create tags in your ACTIONERA app to aid in creating specific targeted marketing opportunities.

This will be different, depending on the CRM, so check out your platform's help articles or seek out a subject matter expert to help you. Given the wide variety of platforms out there, chances are, someone in your network knows this information!