• For v8.0 and later versions

Why are the words App/Web 

being used in junction together!? 

Any content created or changes you make in the Content Portal will populate either in the App, in the Web, or both. The way these changes manifest, may be slightly different but they can appear in both places. With the exception of a few content pieces which are uniquely web or uniquely app specific.  

Because some clients only purchased the Web version of the App and some only purchased the App itself, it can be difficult to talk about these two different platforms in a way that will apply to both types of clients. 

Therefore, Web and App references are essentially the same. For instance, if we mention your "app user" but you are a Web only client, then we are also mentioning your "web user." Whether they see it on the app or in the web, it is the same content that came from your Content Portal.