• For v8.0 to v9.0
  • Not for v7.0 and earlier

Setting Up Special Offer Codes

Special Offer Codes are used to give users access to a specific screen without requiring a login.

Each special offer code screen has the same layout, with space for a text based message, video or image, and a call to action button.

Two notable examples of how you can use special offer codes are:

  1. Prompting people to download your app and enter in a special offer code to get access to content exclusive to them and as a "Thank You" for downloading your app
  2. Offering an exclusive affiliate offer through your app that requires users to use the special offer code to gain access to the exclusive offer.

You can view and manage Special Offer Codes under ACTIONPAGES in the Content Portal:

Creating a Special Offer Code

Setting up a special offer code is quick and easy with 3 parts.

  1. Screen Content
  2. Call to Action and Notification
  3. The Code You give people

Screen Content is composed of:

  • Title - The title of the screen
  • Message - A short paragraph of text to let users know what they get or how to take action once they reach this screen
  • Video or Image - Either a video to deliver content as you see fit or an image to help represent what your users get from submitting the special offer code

The Call to Action and Notification are broken up into

  • Call to Action Text and URL - When filled in, a button appears at the bottom of the screen with your call to action text, and when clicked will direct users to the custom URL of your choice
  • Notification Email and Send Email toggle - When filled with a valid email and with the "Send email" toggle on, users that submit the special offer code will trigger a notification to the email of your choice that the code has been used

When the above has been completed, and the "Active" toggle has been turned on, when you submit the new special offer code the home screen will have your special offer code available to you with the new special offer code on the left hand side of the screen for you to collect and distribute to your audience as you see fit.