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What are Custom Confirmation Screens?


A custom confirmation screen (or custom unlock screen) is a way to give specific instructions to an app user after they Track or Unlock a tag in your app. You have the option of customizing these screens, tailoring them depending on if the user is using your app on a mobile device or on a desktop/laptop. 

The best use of a custom confirmation screen is in the web version, for users on desktops or laptops. The WYSIWYG feature allows you to add formatting, images, and clickable hyperlinks that are not available in the mobile version of your app.

Where to Find Custom Confirmation Screens

You can add a custom confirmation screen to any existing tag (except the Free tag) by selecting Update. If you are adding a new tag, click on Add Tag: 

You can add a custom confirmation screen to any existing course by selecting Update or during the setup process by toggling the customize confirmation screen toggle.

How to Create a Custom Confirmation Screen

 The process for creating a customized confirmation screen is the same for tags or courses, we will show an example using tags below.

  • Navigate to the Tag (or course) you wish to add a custom confirmation screen to
  • Turn ON the Customize Confirmation Screen toggle:

  • This will open up a new group of fields to fill out
  • Add your Headline. You can add either a Video or Image here if you choose
  • The App and Web tabs allow you to customize the Message, depending on how the user is viewing your app (mobile or desktop):

NOTE: When someone enters an unlock code, navigating to the unlocked content can vary, depending on if they are on a mobile device or desktop and depending on how you have set up your app.

Make sure your instructions for each user's experience reflect this.

The best way to do this is to experience it for yourself!

Sample Message (mobile instructions):

Sample Message (web instructions):

Customization Using the WYSIWYG (web only)

In the above example, we have formatted our text and added an image. The image is also a clickable hyperlink that takes the user directly to the unlocked content (in this case, an article) where they can download an ebook.

The WYSIWYG formatting functions are standard across the ACTIONERA platform: Changing the font, size, text alignment, color, bold/italic...etc. You can also insert an image, table or link.

Creating a Hyperlink

You can create a clickable link (hyperlink) from any text or image in the WYSIWYG.

  • Select the text or Image you want to make clickable.
  • In the WYSIWYG menu, click the Link icon:

  • In the URL field, paste the destination link (where the user will go when they click your link)
  • Click Save and don't forget to click Submit when you are done!
  • In this example, our destination is an article in our app:


Almost all content types in the ACTIONERA platform have a Web URL. In this example, we copied the URL so we could paste it into the WYSIWYG:

Viewing and Testing Your Custom Confirmation Screen

To view your newly created custom screen, log into your app on your desktop or laptop. Click Unlock and type in the tag code:

By default, you will be taken to your new, customized confirmation screen:

Making Changes and Testing

If you need to make changes to your custom confirmation screen and you want to re-test it, you will need to REMOVE the tag from your member account so you can unlock it again. Here's how to remove the tag from your account:

  • Go to Manage and click on Members
  • Find your user account on the list and click Update:

  • Go to the Tags field and remove the new tag:

  • Click Submit to save
  • Repeat the unlocking process above.
NOTE: You will need to repeat this process of removing the tag every time you would like to see your screen again. The act of unlocking a code is a one time function and you will get a notice that you already unlocked the code if you don't do this.