The 6 Stages of Launching an App

As a new app owner, you probably have some questions...

What happens next?

What do I need to do?

How long does this take?

What are my costs, besides the app itself?

Who do I contact?

Luckily, we do this for a living. 

Here's a roadmap to help you on your journey, with some basics on what to expect, from the moment you purchase your app to when it's launched and available for download on android and iphone.

A lot of information is exchanged during every step, so if you are a new app owner, pay attention to your email for specific links and details.


Stage 1: Getting Started

This will be the first interaction with someone on the ACTIONERA team a lot of app owners will have, once they purchase their app.

Your first interaction is usually with Matt Thomas, our onboarding manager.

Here's what to expect:

  • Timing - usually 1-2 days, up to 1 week after purchase
  • You will be added to our distribution lists and you will begin receiving regular emails from ACTIONERA, depending on the product you purchased
  • You'll receive a welcome email from Matt with information and a booking link
  • You will need to schedule your first meeting
  • Be prepared to have ready:
    • The name of your app
    • Your app's tagline

Visit the links below for samples of other apps and their names, taglines and logos.

Samples & Helpful Links:

Next Steps:

Once you complete your initial meeting with Matt, you will be sent a "Resources and Next Steps" email with links and instructions for the next phase of your app's creation. 

We will introduce you to our technology for interfacing with the app and you will be given access to it. We recommend that you begin joining our weekly app support calls every Thursday.

Stage 2: Design

Stage 2 and Stage 3 can happen at the same time. They do not necessarily need to happen in this order.

The design stage of the process is where your app colors, branding and graphic elements are established. The graphics that get created during this phase are not graphics you can change yourself, and are built into your app by the ACTIONERA team.

Timing - approximately 1 week after meeting with Matt

You can expect to work with Trevor Thomasour Creative Director to set up your app colors and graphic elements. Trevor will email you directly during this phase.

If you have a logo already, great! If not, we know a guy. Trevor is also available for hire (additional cost), if you need a logo created for you.

Samples & Helpful Links:

Stage 3: Content Submission

The biggest responsibility for an app owner is gathering and organizing their content (articles, posts, videos, audio files, images, and logos). Preparing your content and handing it off to the ACTIONERA team can be a little overwhelming. This is the stage where most app owners get stalled in the process.

You will be given resources and training materials to help you succeed:

  • a checklist
  • a form to submit your content
  • videos to help you

Here's what to expect:

  • Timing - TBD (You are 100% in control of the timing of this stage!)
  • Use your checklist to gather the minimum required content for launch
  • Fill out and submit the content form
  • View the help videos if you get stuck

Stage 4: Build

This is the stage where your app gets built and starts to become a reality. This is a multi-stage process,  of building, testing, and reviewing your app. 

The team will work with you to create your developer accounts and fill out the necessary paperwork to become an app owner with Apple and Android.

You can expect to work with a few members of our team, primarily Matt Thomas and Mark Evans.

Here's what to expect:

  • Timing - Approximately 1-2 Weeks (if no delays on your end)
  • The ACTIONERA team builds and reviews your app
  • There is an annual cost to have an app in the app stores:
    • Android = $25
    • Apple = $99

Stage 5: App Submission & Approval

Once your app is built, it is submitted to Apple and Android for review and approval. This review is completely out of our hands and the timing can vary. We have seen apps approved in a matter of days, while others take more time.

Here's what to expect:

  • Timing - Anywhere from a few days to a few weeks
  • Android and Apple will email you during this stage
    • Android emails - please share and update us (we don't get copies of them)
    • Apple emails - we DO get copies of them
  • Mark or Robert will contact you if there are any issues with your app

Stage 6: Launch

CONGRATULATIONS!  Your app is now available in the Apple Store and Android (Google) Play Store! You are now a proud, app owner. 

From this point on, your interactions with the ACTIONERA team will be on an as-needed basis, through our weekly support calls and the help desk. J.D. Leisky runs the support desk and will respond to your tickets.

Next Steps:

  • Start promoting your app
  • Start adding new content
  • Attend the Thursday App Support calls
  • Attend the Web Calls (every other Wednesday)
  • Join our Facebook group for community and support
  • Submit support tickets if you are having troub