General Notes:

Introduction of our new Team Member Benjamin Petersen

In the near future ACTIONERA is releasing a course that will be available for free to clients of ACTIONERA only. We will be creating many courses that will help train our clients in getting the most out of their apps. These courses will be available through the ACTIONERA website. The first course we are releasing will be all about, 'how to monetize your app.' The course will be covering 5 strategies that will lead to monetization within the app. 

Upcoming Course Overview

The 5 Strategies for monetizing your app

1. Nurture Sequence - how to use content, links in emails, CTAs, webinars, strategy calls, etc. How to create a nurture sequence that leads to app users doing what you want them to do in your app.

2.  Applications - surveys, quizzes. How to create an action list that has multiple ways to go from the list to application of the content. How these applications lead to money and how they lead to user engagement in the app. 

3.  Courses - how to create a free course. You create it or use existing PLR. At the end of the course, we show you how to trigger a marketing campaign to generate income. 

4. Directories - How to use the directory in your app to make money. Things like, creating a JV directory that generates traffic and affiliate sales. Could also be a client directory, or a resource directory.  

5. Membership Program - How to create a membership program. Things like, what are you offering?, who are your members?, what will you name it?, how will you market it?  

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