ACTIONERA Affiliate Program is now setup and ready to use

There has been a lot of "coming soon" statements about our affiliate program and a few false starts but that is all a thing of the past because I got our final affiliate program setup and in place for you to start using.

There were a few key things I needed to figure out in order to create an affiliate program that would work for us and all of you.

First, I needed to find a single register affiliate program that did not require multiple registrations on your part. I also needed an affiliate tracking system that would integrate properly with our billing portal for our customers. We needed an affiliate system that would link up to Wise payments, which is how we now pay commissions rather than through Paypal because fees sending via Paypal are now really high. And we needed an affiliate software that was integrated with our CRM so we could provide you with all that you in need in emails that did not require you have to login each time to get your affiliate links.

In a nutshell, we have a system that is easy and works with what we offer.

Click HERE to register for our affiliate program.  

When you register you'll get an email with details to get started.

For now this is all you need. Register. It's free. It's a great way to make money. And... We'll support you in easily promoting Actionera to make this money!


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