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Canva Templates

Part of the onboarding process for any branded app is working with ACTIONERA's design team to create your app logo and graphics so you don't have to do it on your own.

These Canva templates have been created by our Creative Director, Trevor Thomas to assist you in creating your own app design if you prefer to do it yourself.


How To Use These Templates

Each of these templates has instructions to follow in the Notes Section (bottom-left button in the template). Each template will save to your Canva account (you can create a free account at Canva.com) but you must upgrade to a pro account to export these images in the format we need to work with you (you can do a free trial, then cancel when you're done designing if you don't want to pay for it.)

NOTE: It is very important to follow the instructions in the notes of each template.

1. Logo Icon -- 

Create your app icon, which is used in multiple places and different sizes in your app and in the App stores. Examples of an Icon and where an icon is used:

As a "favicon" in a website browser

In your Mobile App

2. Color Scheme -- GET TEMPLATE

Use this template to create your color scheme that gets used throughout your app. Here is an example of color scheme applied to an app: ActionEra TV

3. Loading Screen -- GET TEMPLATE

The Loading Screen displays your full app icon, text, and tagline. This screen shows every time your app is opened. Example:

ACTIONERATV Loading Screen

4. Marketing Graphic -- GET TEMPLATE

The Marketing Graphic gets used for marketing your App in the app store(s) and is also what we create your Video Thumbnail from. Example:

ACTIONERATV Marketing Graphic

Your Web Logo is usually a horizontal version of your logo that looks good in a website header. This is the logo we use when we create your Companion Website. Examples:


Other Samples and Uses

If you choose to design your own app graphics, here are some other samples of how all of these elements come together. You can access these both store listings and the QR Code landing page by going here.

NOTE: For Branded Apps, we handle the app store listing screenshots for you!

ACTIONERATV Apple Store Listing

ACTIONERATV Google Play Listing

QR Code Landing Page

Apps of Experts

For inspiration or just to see other live apps, go to the Apps of Experts website.

Special Thanks to Trevor Thomas (ACTIONERA's Creative Director). You can see his portfolio and contact him here for commissioning graphic design work. -- View Site HERE!