• For v9.0+
  • Not For v8.5 and previous versions


What Are Push Notifications?

Push notifications allow you to send pop-up messages to your app users. Messages can be individual, in groups, or in bulk. Prior to the 9.0 Update, this was done using the integrated technology of One Signal. For anyone with an app that was launched on an earlier version (8.5 and below), you will need to login to OneSignal to review your push notification subscriber information prior to the 9.0 upgrade. 

NOTE: The legacy information from One Signal is NOT reflected in the new push notification page in the content portal. The counts you see there ONLY include subscribers that downloaded and subscribed to notifications after your 9.0 upgrade:

The new 9.0 Push Notification page. Counts do not reflect old One Signal counts


  1. You most likely have One Signal data about subscribers, users and people who have downloaded your app.
  2. Your free, One Signal account was created for you, by Actionera at the time of your app launch and will likely be tied to one of the emails you provided to us.
  3. Visit the One Signal dashboard and reset your password, if necessary.

How to Access Push Notifications

To view the new push notification dashboard:

  2. You will see your download and subscriber counts here
  3. This is where you can locate any push notifications you have sent

How To Send a Push Notification

1. Click on the Send tab on the left side of the screen

2. This can be accessed from ANY page in the Content Portal

3. Fill out the subject and message field. Include an image 

4. You can include an image, but remember-- push notifications are small, short, and their intent is to 

drive a user to take action.

5. Choose where you want your notification to send a user. You can send them to a home screen, a 

section of your app (ex: Courses list), a specific content piece (ex shown here: an action list), or a URL.

6. Choose who you want to send it to: Everyone or just a specific group who has access to a tag 

(ex: Free members).

7. Currently, the only option to send a notification is "now". The ability to schedule a push notification 

is coming soon!

8. Click send to send your notification.


We recommend sending a push in One Signal to your current subscribers as soon as your app is re-launched in 9.0. You will want to instruct them to re-download your updated app and subscribe to notifications on the new platform so they don't miss your communications.

If you have not yet upgraded to 9.0, we highly recommend you do so.

Apps running on 8.0 or older platforms will be at the mercy of One Signal changes and Actionera has moved away from their technology in favor of our own.

To purchase the 9.0 upgrade, here is the link.