Q:  Are the meetings recorded?

A: Yes. All meetings are recorded and available in the Knowledgebase. Look under the section "Video Trainings & Events" to find the session you are looking for.

You can also search for a specific date, topic, or presenter by typing in the search box.

Q:  How do I join calls?

A:  All ACTIONERA calls are hosted at www.actionerazoom.com unless otherwise noted. Here's a list of our recurring calls.

Q: Is there a calendar I can sign up for or join?

A:  Not at this time. Please see the list of our recurring calls and be sure you are signed up for our mailing list so you will get the latest communications, updates, and offers.

Q:  How do I get added (or add someone) to the mailing list to get updates?

A:  Please send a request to support@actionera.com and include the name (first & last name) and email of the person you'd like added to the mailing list.

Q:  How do I get support?

A:  For all ACTIONERA app and web version questions, you can visit the Knowldegebase or submit a help ticket to  support@actionera.com. The team is available M-F during business hours (US holidays are exceptions).

If your question is in regards to the Marketing Portal, please utilize chat help or schedule a zoom call as there is a separate team providing support 24/7.

Q:  Is Support included with my package?

A:  Yes! See above for contacting the necessary support team.

Q:  Is there a Facebook Group?

A:  Our Facebook group is run and managed by a few of our app owners. Join or get more information here

Some of our team will respond and post information there from time to time, however the best way to get an answer is by contacting support@actionera.com or by visiting out Knowledgebase for help articles and videos.

Q:  I just bought an app-- what do I do next?

A:  The first thing that happens when you become an app owner will be to set up a meeting with Matt Thomas, our onboarding manager. You will hear from him within 1-2 weeks of purchasing a branded app. Read more about the Onboarding Process and ways you can Prepare Your Content if you want more information.