Q: Why does it sometimes take the content portal a while to refresh or load content?


The short answer is that the content portal is a custom-built, complicated technology with many functions and features. Issues that cause a latency (delay) in the information that you are trying to access can be affected by a wide array of factors. Some of those factors are in our control, but many are not. 


The data that you create and add to the content portal is stored on our servers. It takes time for your computer to communicate with our servers to get the right content to show up on your screen. Internet Upload/Download speeds for you and for us are just one of the things that can have an affect on latency. On our end, we are doing the best we can to improve the speeds and keep them running smoothly.

Here are some things that you can do on your end to improve your experience:

1. Check that you have a strong internet connection with good upload/download speeds.


2. Understand that if you are checking an area in the content portal with a lot of content already added, it is going to take time for your computer to load the entire list. For example, 20sec wait times are not unusual when viewing the 640+ lessons that go with the 60 PLR. 


3. Use Notepad (PC users) and TextEdit (Mac users) when copying content to or from the content portal. Both of these are less complex word processors, which means that they run faster than things like Word, OpenOffice and Google Docs. You also wont encounter any of the weird formatting issues that you get when copying text into the content portal from other sources; like blogs, pdfs and even Word. 


4. Have fewer windows open. If you have a ton of windows, widgets and apps open on your computer than you are going to slow down its processing speed.