General Notes:

  • Promote ActionTalks Tour
    • ActionTalks Webinar Next Week Wednesday, 7/12/23 @ 4pm pacific
    • Swipe copy & Links to come from Robert
    • Register here
  • JVX Event in October in Las Vegas (Oct 6-8)
    • Great place to connect with potential JV Partners
    • More info here
      1. JVX tickets: Attend free but pay a seat deposit of $195 (you get this back once you check in)
      2. VIP Tickets: $397 (includes cocktail party, 5 meals, recordings, etc)
  • New Actionera app:  
    • AI Tools & Resources
    • On schedule to release the end of Next Week
  • 9.0 Upgrade
    • Upgrades start in August
    • Sign Up here
    • App submission freeze starts around 7/15/23
    • $195 to upgrade if your app is already launched
      • All clients who signed up for an app prior to July 1 2023, get the $195 update fee locked in for all future updates!
      • After July 1st any new clients will pay more from $295-$495 to update their app.

Click here for notes. (Thanks Cheri Merz!)