Main Features of 9.0 App Upgrade:

  • The NEW Actionera Push Notification System
  • Podcast Module
  • ActionClips Module
  • Users will be able to favorite content in the app for quick access
  • Upgrade to the Call To Action bars
  • New sub-topics for topics and directory listings: Documents, Blog, ActionLists, Podcasts
  • New share feature in Journal and Special Offer Codes screen
  • New Links and Documents added to course lessons
  • New app featured links in topics/listings: ActionLists & Resource
  • Dynamic home page buttons added - Podcast and Actionclips
  • and many more app improvements!

9.0 Upgrade Purchase: here

NOTE: OneSignal is totally changing their push notification services and it will not work with 8.0 in the future. Consider upgrading in the next few months.