• For v8.0 to v9.0
  • Not For v7.0 and earlier

The Setup Menu Options

The setup menu contains core pieces of your web/app as it is where you will implement a number of things for your web/app that will carry over into every other section.

Table of Contents

Web Setup

Web setup is a great place to start as you will setup account-wide choices like your site URL, icons, website colours, and fonts.

Click Here to Open the Web Setup Guide

Menu Setup

Menu setup allows you to turn on and off specific menu items that will be visible both on the web and in the mobile app, and even rename them to better suit how you intend to use your own menu options.

Click Here to Open the Menu Setup Guide

Member Screens

Member Screens include both a logged in member only screen for app users as well as the registration screen for your app where you can include customized text to engage and interact with new and old members alike.

Click Here to Open the Member Screens Guide

Unlock/Track Screen

Unlock/Track Screen gives customization options to one of the most widely connected screens on your web/app so you can instruct and inform your members on how to use the screen to unlock their content or use your Call to Action button to find out how to purchase or opt-in to your content.

Click Here to Open the Unlock/Track Screen Guide

Custom Domain

Custom Domain is unique option in that in order to setup a custom domain for your account you will need to submit a request with us.

Click Here to Open the Custom Domain Guide