• For v8.0 to v9.0
  • Not For v7.0 and Earlier

The Events Menu Options

Events are a supplementary or fully self contained system within your app to create, manage, and host your events, event content, and event schedules. Events, whether in-person or online, can always benefit from direct communication and interaction with attendees and our events systems are designed to make that effective.

Table of Contents

Action Calendar

Action Calendar is where you can setup and display planned in-person or online events for your users, with the added benefit of segmentation through tags to only display certain events to certain users.

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Action Summits

ActionSummits are completely self contained events where you an build and host an entire summit directly within your app.

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Action Events

Action Events is where you can create schedules for your in-person or online events with your list of featured content, directories to associated content, and more; the depth of this menu item lets you go so far as to host an entire event directly within the app.

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