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What is WYSIWYG?

WYSIWYG (Wiz-EE-Wig) is an acronym for "What You See Is What You Get" and is a referential acronym for text and visual editors in software that try to show you as closely as they can what your content will look like on a published page based on what you enter into the WYSIWYG editor.

Where is WYSIWYG used?

Within ACTIONERA, WYSIWYG is frequently used inside of our web editors. You can readily and easily recognize when you're working in a WYSIWYG editor by the toolbar that appears, most commonly it looks like this:

A WYSIWYG editor lets you change font styles, types, layouts, and sizes, as well as include lists, images, links, and tables.

If you're so inclined you can also include your own custom code within a WYSIWYG editor.

When is WYSIWYG not used?

WYSIWYG is primarily used within description boxes that are exclusively for the web. The editor is not used for editing most other sections of your app; when working with the mobile version, WYSIWYG is removed entirely as the settings and style of your app are pre-set by you and the team when your app is setup.