Updating your ActionEra billing info is a simple process you can do yourself.

First, navigate to the ActionEra content portal, it should look like this screen here:

Next, navigate to "Billing" under "Manage account"

Once there you should see a screen like this:

From their, input your Billing Email Address and select Continue

Next you will see this screen where you will need to input a one-time password that we've sent to your billing email. Retrieve and input that code to prove account ownership and access your billing information.

Once you've done that you should see this screen with your account information:

From here you can do multiple things in the order of:

  • Review or cancel your current subscription

  • Update your contact information

  • Update your billing address

  • Change or update payment methods

  • Review your billing history

If you're having any challenges at all you can also contact our support team for more information.