General Notes:

  • Marketing Portal & App General Q&A
  • Special Event: How to run a 3-day profitable event & Virtual Open House 
    • 1/17 & 1/18 (Wednesday & Thursday)
    • Register here
    • During this event we will be sharing...
      • How we organize our event from idea, to planning, to delivery, to monetization of the event
      • How we generate sales and who is involved in the sales process (guest speaker Jennifer Diepstraten)
      • How we fill the event through certain ticket types and JV relationships
      • How sponsors help us generate income before the event even happens
      • How we run professional events with very little risks and costs
      • And more... (basically we will share our ENTIRE process with no holding back)
    • During the open house, which starts at 1pm PST on January 18th, we will...
      • Introduce you to the new Actionera Studios with a complete tour and demonstration of the this amazing space.
      • Give away prizes and gifts worth over $10,000
      • Teach YOU how this studio can be a part of your business strategy and help you make a lot of money in 2024
    • Collaborate: February 9th - 11th

Click here for notes. (Thanks Cheri Merz!)