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NOTE: Please review this video/article in full before taking action; mistakes could lose you your account!

Google is doing a verification process with a deadline of Feb. 29th, 2024 where you must select a verification date to verify by. This does not mean you must verify before Feb. 29th, only that you must select a date in which you will verify, otherwise Google will choose the date for you.

You will have received an email from google, at your account connected to your google developer account, outlining that you must reserve a verification date. You will have received this email at an "@gmail.com" email address. The email can be searched under "Choose your Google Play account verification deadline"

The email will look like this:

If you select the "Choose deadline" button, you should be directed to login to your gmail account to take you directly to the next step, otherwise you will need to log into your Google Console using this link: http://play.google.com/console/signup

You should be on the login page like so:

Once logged in you should see this screen of the Google Play Console:

Navigate to the Developer Account Screen to verify if you have a Personal or Organizational account, make note of your account type. The screen looks like this:

We highly recommend, if you haven't already selected an account type, that you select Personal; otherwise, you may have trouble creating your account unless you have your D-U-N-S number.

Once you have confirmed your account type, navigate back to the "Home" page at the top of the left hand menu

NOTE: If you do not see the verification screen, do not worry, it means your verification date has already been set, or confirmed by the team. Check your account email to see when your verification date is.

Select the "Get Started" button on the verification screen to open this menu:

From here, we recommend selecting the closest available verification date from the dropdown menu. Your choice is when you need to have your account verified by, and you will have 60 days prior to the deadline to verify your account with the below information.

Take note somewhere safe that you will need

  • Your full legal name and address
  • An email address for Google Play users to contact you
  • A contact phone number and email address for Google to contact you
  • An official document to verify your identity

As well as the following for organizational accounts

  • Your D-U-N-S number
  • A contact phone number for Google Play users to contact you
  • An official document to verify your organization

Once you have confirmed your verification date deadline you should see this screen:

You must select your account type that you confirmed earlier in the process, if you select the incorrect account type at this time, it may make it significantly harder to verify and could potentially void your account.

Once you see the final page you will see a confirmation of your choices and what to expect to happen next, select the Reserve button and you will be completed. It will look like this:

NOTE: Check your email regularly, this is not something the ActionEra team can do for you so you must be diligent in completing this yourself. If you have further questions please contact our support team at support@actionera.com