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Canva Templates

Part of the production process for any course/event/summit/topic is creating icon graphics as a visual indicator of what people are selecting in your web/app

These Canva templates have been created by our Creative Director, Trevor Thomas to assist you in creating your own app icons if you prefer to do it yourself.


How To Use These Templates

Each of these templates has instructions to follow in the Notes Section (bottom-left button in the template). Each template will save to your Canva account (you can create a free account at Canva.com) but you must upgrade to a pro account to export these images in the format we need to work with you (you can do a free trial, then cancel when you're done designing if you don't want to pay for it.)

NOTE: It is very important to follow the instructions in the notes of each template.

Your banners are the primary image people will see before they open your course / event / summit and need to be visually distinct so people know what they are accessing, some examples are:

The home page / sales page of your course on your website

The recording access / sales page banner of your event on your app

2. Course or Event Modules/Lessons/Days -- GET TEMPLATE

Create module, lesson, or day thumbnails to visually represent your content sections so your users can easily navigate your content, examples of uses can be:

Module and Lesson Thumbnails

Day and session thumbnails

Pro-Tip: We created a series of default thumbnails you can download to quickly add Module/Lesson/Day thumbnails now that you can replace when your visuals are completed. Click Here to Download

3. Topic Icon -- GET TEMPLATE

Topic Icons are used to create a visually distinct image that users will see before they enter any topic or directory to see your other content, they should be visually distinct but not too specific, some examples are:

ACTIONERA topic icons

ACTIONERA directory icons

Special Thanks to Trevor Thomas (ACTIONERA's Creative Director). You can see his portfolio and contact him here for commissioning graphic design work. -- View Site HERE!