• For v8.0 to v9.0
  • Not for v7.0 and previous versions

A Sample Tag Bundle Scenario

The Scenario

I have an event, a Purpose Workshop happening on February 15, 2024. During this workshop, I plan to give away some PLR content and a Course to my attendees. I also want to make sure this code is ONLY used by the attendees, so I am going to expire my tag bundle a week later to limit code sharing. At my event, I will spend some time walking my audience through a few things, like how to download my app and how to unlock this tag bundle code.

The PLR content I want to give them each has their own code, so does the course. I could give them 4 codes to unlock, but I want my audience to have a simpler experience, so I am going to create a tag bundle.

Create The Tag Bundle  

1. I choose Tag Bundle as the Type

2. I create a tag bundle name. 

Since there is a character count limit of 20 characters, I abbreviate my tag bundle name to "PurposeWkshop0224". Since I'm going to do this event next year, I want to be specific so 0224 will remind me that this was for the February 2024 event.

3. I select the 3 PLR Content tags and the Course Tag I want to include as gifts

In this scenario, I choose: Mind Reset, Start With Clarity, and Purpose Driven Life and the Course named Finding Your Why

4. I add a note for myself in the Tag Created For field so that I can remember why I created this tag.

5. I choose an Unlock Code Expiry Date that is a week after my event. I click Submit to save and create my tag.

I take note of the tag bundle Unlock code: 870590

A User Unlocks the Code

At my event, I share my app QR code with my audience so they can download my app, and I give them the unlock code. We spend a few minutes unlocking the free gift together. One of my users reports they have successfully unlocked the gift! 

In the content portal, I go to Manage > Members and I locate her member account. Here's what I see:

Even though my Tag Bundle had the name "PurposeWkshop0224" I can see that the 4 items I wanted to giveaway are now unlocked on her account. She can now access Mind Reset, Start With Clarity, and Purpose Driven Life and the Course named Finding Your Why.

After the Code Expires

A week later, I double check to be sure my Tag Bundle has expired in the Content Portal, as planned. Here's what I see:

The red exclamation mark next to the tag name indicates the tag is expired:

When I look at my member list again, the users who unlocked my code before it expired still have access to Mind Reset, Start With Clarity, and Purpose Driven Life and the Course named Finding Your Why:

Advanced Use Case: Adding a "bonus" gift, after the fact

After my workshop, I had such a great response that I decide to give the workshop attendees some extra PLR content - Awaken Your True Calling.

I go into the Content Portal, locate my expired tag bundle, and click Update.

I add the PLR Content tag and I change the expiry date so the code is now active again, until 3/1/2024. I also add a note for myself about the bonus I added in the Tag Created For field.

Because my attendees have already unlocked this tag bundle, I have to let them know that new content (via the additional tag I added) has been added, so I send the workshop attendees a quick email with the unlock code and instructions on how to use it.

These instructions will vary, depending on how you have your app set up, but I know in my app, this is how people would access this content:


Open the app and click on the Track Now button on the welcome screen

When you get to the Track Now screen, input this unique tracking number: 870590

Access the Main Menu () and navigate to Directories

Click FREE Gift Giveaways on this page

Access Awaken Your True Calling


Visit the web app and click on the Unlock Code button (top right corner)

When you get to the Unlock screen, input this unique tracking number: 870590 

Navigate to Directories

Click on Free Gift Giveaways

Look for Awaken Your True Calling