What is the Content Portal

The Content Portal is a web based technology that allows you to make changes to your app/web. From here, you can make nearly all of the changes that affect the look and feel of your app/web. 

Your ACTIONERA Account 

If you are having trouble logging into the Content Portal, check out this article - Click HERE!

Once you are logged into your ACTIONERA Account, you should find yourself looking at this screen. This is the home screen of the Content Portal. There is useful information, links and resources here.

To get to backend of your app/web so you can begin adding content/making changes, hover over your account name, found in the upper right hand corner. Then select Change Application.

You should now be looking at the screen in the image below. If the name of your app/web does not immediately pop-up, begin typing its name in the field the arrow is pointing to. Once you see the name of your app/web, go ahead and click on it. 

All the menu options at the top will now allow you to make backend changes to your app/web. Let's learn a little bit about them. 

The User Interface

Take a look at the image below to see all the dropdown menu options in the Content Portal. Depending on what product you bought from ACTIONERA you may have less or more than these options, but you will have most of these. 

NOTE: If you do not see all the horizontal options in the menu at the top (From SETUP to EVENTS), then you may have to zoom out of your browser window. For instance, if you are in Chrome, left mouse click on the 3 vertical dots in the upper right of your browser window. You should see Zoom
as one of the dropdown options, lower it until you see EVENTS as a menu option. For most people this is 80%.

This is a temporary work-around, in the near future this issue will be fixed so that everybody will be able to see all possible menu options at 100%.

Menu Options

Here is a brief description of what types of things you will find under each menu option so you can have a better idea of where to go in the Content Portal, to find the things you are looking for.

  1. SETUP - For app & web (menu options turned on/off/renamed. Text/instructions for unlock and member screens.) For web only (changes to domain name, design/logos, color scheme, font, taglines)
  2. COMMUNICATE - Options that allow you to communicate with your users, sometimes using integrated technology. For app (In-app notifications, pop-ups/banners) For app & web (member specific messages through unlocked tags)
  3. MANAGE - This area allows you to manage things like the structural and organizational elements of your app/web. Be able to add/remove content in bulk. Create/modify your home screen, and gate member content with the use of tags. Access and manage your members information and content. 
  4. ACTIONPAGES - For both app/web this is where you go to create/edit all of your content through all of the numerous media types available.
  5. ACTIONCOURSES - Create your own modular courses in your app/web, with optional drip sequences and multiple media type integrations. 
  6. COMMUNITY - This area gives you access to community based technologies to create deeper engagement with your app/web users.  Things like our unique Tracka' products, user commenting and our coming soon community integration specifically designed from ACTIONERA. 
  7. EVENTS - Both a calendar tracking of and the execution of many types of event based gatherings, such as summits and virtual events.