• For v8.0 to v9.0 with some exceptions

What is the Content Portal

The Content Portal is a web based technology that allows you to make changes to your app/web. From here, you can make nearly all of the changes that affect the look and feel of your app/web. 

Table of Contents

Your ACTIONERA Account(s)

If you are having trouble logging into the Content Portal, check out this article - Click HERE!

Once you are logged into your ACTIONERA Account, you should find yourself looking at this screen. This is the home screen of the Content Portal. There is useful information, links and resources here.

If you have more than one app/web you can switch between each one by hovering over your account name, found in the upper right hand corner. Then select Change Application.

You should now be looking at the screen in the image below. If the name of your app/web does not immediately pop-up, begin typing its name in the field the arrow is pointing to. Once you see the name of your app/web, go ahead and click on it. 

All the menu options at the top will now allow you to make backend changes to your alternative app/web. 

The User Interface

Take a look at the image below to see all the dropdown menu options in the Content Portal. 

NOTE: Free App Owners will not have access to push notifications under communicate and App Owners on v8.5 or earlier will be using a now deprecated version of push notifications

Your initial reaction to this screen might be overwhelm, but to help you understand what each menu item is used for and streamline your understanding so you know exactly what you want to get into, read the below descriptions of what you can accomplish under each section.

  • SETUPSetup is your first place to start as this is where you will implement a number of things for your app that will carry over into every other section. 

    Click Here To Discover What Each Menu Item Covers

  • COMMUNICATE - Communicate is the go-to place for app owners to setup and send push-notifications to people who have downloaded your app, as well as create a highly customizable feed of content that users can review for communication and updates from you. 

    Click Here To Discover What Each Menu Item Covers 

  • MANAGE -  Manage contains the heart and soul of everything in your app from an organizational perspective, it's very important to know what each section of the manage menu options containsfrom within manage you can see who has created an account with you, create segments to show customized content to specific users, and create highly customizable "folders" that can contain any of your content from your ACTIONPAGES. 

    Click Here To Discover What Each Menu Item Covers 

  • ACTIONPAGES - ACTIONPAGES contain the 'brains' to go with your 'heart and soul' of "Manage", within ACTIONPAGES you have access to a wide array of tools to create different content types that will be used in conjunction with "Manage" to give invaluable depth to your app and keep users coming back. 

    Click Here To Discover What Each Menu Item Covers 

  • ACTIONCOURSES - ACTIONCOURSES is the standalone feature to create fully customizable linear courses for your users to be able to access your paid content on the go. 

    Click Here To Discover What Each Menu Item Covers 

  • COMMUNITY - Community is your place to setup and manage trackable codes to see where your physical cards, books, or digital videos have reached, through the TrackaConnect system. 

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  • EVENTS - Events is a feature rich location to plan, manage, and run entire online events within the ACTIONERA app or as a complimentary feature to make your in-person even more valuable and accessible to your audience. 

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Content and Menu Structures

ACTIONERA offers an extensive number of customization for how you host and present your content, and as such we've created documentation to help you understand how your content and menus are structured for users to find your content.

  • Content Structure - Your content will fall into one of a few options for your users to access, and some of those options make content either more or less accessible depending on how you want your users to access it.

    Click Here To Discover The General Content Structure

  • Menu Structure - Going hand-in-hand with the content structure is the menu structure which will organize both default and custom content that can be found in your web/app

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