The Content Portal is a web based technology that allows you to make changes to your app. From here, you can make nearly all of the changes that affect the look and feel of your app. In order to successfully navigate the Content Portal with that purpose in mind, it is important to be familiar with the User Interface. Immediately after you log into your Content Portal Account for the first time you will be taken to this screen.

The name of your app will be automatically highlighted in the search area. If you own multiple apps that are attached to the same account, then the search area will populate with the names of those apps. Once you have selected the app that you want to work in, you can select any of the tabs at the top in order to go to those areas. 

Here is an image detailing all of the tabs and the sections that go along with them.

Each tab that you click on will have its own dropdown menu relevant to that tabs theme. If you would like to dive deeper into navigating these individual tabs and learning about each one of them through the Knowledge Base, then click HERE