• For v8.0 to v9.0
  • Not For v7.0 and earlier

Setting Up Your Home Screen(s)


The Home Screens page allows you to craft unlimited customizable home screens for your users that can be unique to them based on if they are using the web app or accessing via the mobile app, and based on individual tags.

You can access this screen under MANAGE in the Content Portal:

Home Screen Options and Fields

Image of the Main Home Screen(s) Page

Image of the New/Edit Home Screen Page

New/Edit Home Screen Fields

  • Target Platform - You can select where the content of this home screen will be seen, either on both the web and the mobile app, on just the web, or on just the mobile app.
  • Title - The title shows as a headline and as a title on the homepage when accessed by your users. Your title must be unique for every home page.
  • Video - (Optional) Your video will show directly beneath your title on the home page, you can either give a direct URL or upload your video
  • Image - (Optional) Your image will take the place of your video (if you have no video) under the title OR if added you can check the box to make the image a background for your video
  • Welcome Screen Icon - (App Only) this is an image that replaces the icon in the top left corner so that you can replace it with a custom icon, such as to promote an upcoming event or unique program.
  • What's New Headline and Description - The content placed here appears in it's own section directly beneath the home screen title and Video/Image. The text in the description must be written uniquely for both the Mobile and Desktop App by use of the App/Web tabs.

Customizable Buttons

  • Featured Buttons - (Optional) These buttons appear at the very bottom of the screen and can be set to quickly direct users through to other screens in your app (blog, track/unlock, courses, directories, etc.) or to a completely customizable URL
    NOTE: The options for these buttons are expanded if your home screen is exclusively for app only
  • Call To Action Text and URL - (Optional) This section appears as a button directly beneath any descriptive text you have written.

Who Can See the Screen(s)?

To start with, any new screen that is created will be visible to everyone that accesses your content immediately unless

  1. You keep the screen from being active. 
  2. Your user tries to access the content through a channel you haven't set the home screen up for (eg. access via web when the screen is for mobile app only) 
  3. You've setup the appropriate tags to segment who can see the page

We highly recommend that you setup a minimum of two home screens. The first one you create will be a 'no-tag' home screen visible to everyone that views your home screen when they first visit your website or download your app.

The second home screen will be a "Free" tag home screen that will allow any user that has created an account and logged in to see a more personalized screen with customized call-to-actions.

NOTE: Home screens are shown in order of newest overwriting oldest. When creating new home screens be aware that any user that can see the new home screen, will see the new home screen.

After that you can create home screens for more personalized and custom segments of your audience, examples being

  • You're hosting an event and want to promote it
  • You have a paid ticket and you don't want to promote an upgrade to upgraded ticket holders
  • You've got a new program coming out and you want paid clients to know about it
  • You have a free piece of content you want unregistered users to register for
  • Your live program is starting soon and you want clients to have all relevant info
  • and more